ASP Recognizes its Contributor of the Year and Outstanding Contributors for 2018

ASP would like to recognize Andrew Butterfield as our Contributor of the Year for 2018.  He took great initiative within our organization by leading our general meetings and building solid foundations for the ASP’s future growth through prudent financial planning and efforts to update our business plan.  Thank-you Andrew for all of your efforts!

We also would like to recognize ASP’s Outstanding Contributors for 2018.  Their names are below: 

Jeremy Saget
Gwen Schroeder
Makiah Eustice
Shawna Pandya
Aaron Persad
Brien Posey
Dave Wassell
Blake Nickles
Casey Stedman

Through the efforts of these individuals and our entire membership, we will do our part to build upon the commercial space industry’s momentum to advance space exploration and make life better for all on Earth.  I am excited to see what this year will bring!

Yours sincerely,

Michael Gallagher
President and CEO
ASP Inc.

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