The Association of Spaceflight Professionals Submits NASA Grant Proposal

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – July 9th, 2017 –  The Association of Spaceflight Professionals has announced today the submission of a NASA grant proposal, as a part of the June 2017 NASA REDDI grant solicitation. Although the proposal has not yet been accepted, the submission is significant because it represents an initial effort to achieve the organization’s objectives.

The Association of Spaceflight Professionals intends to use grant submissions to create potential flight opportunities for its members. “ASP’s main goal is to develop the next generation of commercial astronauts by developing technologies and scientific experiments that require humans to fly in space” says the organization’s President, Michael Gallagher.

The Association of Spaceflight Professionals’ grant proposal seeks funding for testing a microgravity test bed. Gallagher feels that if accepted, this grant proposal will provide valuable microgravity experience for some members of the group, because the experiment must be operated by a human.

“The microgravity test bed is a device that allows experiments of a standard size to be tested in weightless environments, be they parabolic aircraft or spacecraft.  The technology requires a payload specialist to insert and remove different experiments inflight.”

The Association of Spaceflight Professionals was founded in 2010 as Astronauts for Hire, and received a NASA grant in 2013. The name change occurred in 2017 as a reflection of the organization’s changing goals. The Association of Spaceflight Professionals is registered in the state of Florida as a 501.c3 nonprofit organization.

Dr. Aaron Persad and his team in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto assembled the microgravity test bed and created a final report for our use in preparing the grant.  Our organization is indebted to them for all of their hard work.  We also wish to thank Dr. Kausik S. Das, an assistant professor at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and our principal investigator on this project, for all of his assistance.


Michael Gallagher

Blog post written by Brien Posey.

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