ASP has partnered with institutions and stakeholders across the spaceflight industry, from universities to commercial training providers to federal funding agencies, to offer our members access to unique opportunities for involvement in a dynamic professional ecosystem. The diverse cohort of novice and advanced spaceflight professionals that comprises our member base contributes to and benefits from ongoing initiatives for the development of flight crew, engineers, and researchers, among others.

The relationships that ASP has established represents a cross section of a rapidly evolving marketplace, with which our members can expand their professional horizon.

Explore our partnerships and see why ASP offers a unique exposure to commercial spaceflight.

The International Institute of Astronautical Sciences (IIAS) produces future scientists, engineers, operations professionals, and educators of the international space community by providing immersive educational experiences that produce peer-reviewed scientific publications, mature space technologies, and educate and inspire the next generation of space professionals.

StarLab is the first truly portable planetarium. Invented in 1977 by Philip Sadler and his class of middle school students in Lincoln, Massachusetts, today StarLab is the most widely used planetarium in the world.

Yuri's Night is the World Space Party. Every year on or around April 12th, YN brings the world together to dream about where we're going, explore where we are, and celebrate where we've been.

4Frontiers Corporation is a NewSpace company focused on the settlement of Mars. It recognizes the economic potential resulting from the convergence of four current and upcoming space frontiers: Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids.

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is the leading voice for the commercial spaceflight industry. Founded in 2006, CSF and its 90+ members are laying the foundation for a sustainable space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, civilians, and businesses.

Based on a long-standing relationship with the Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Laboratory, Sirius has developed several programs for training commercial and research astronauts for private spaceflight missions. These programs train in key human factors including spatial disorientation and movement errors.

Saber's services allow clients to take control of their mission from concept, development and testing through to long-term operation and deployment of large constellations of space assets.

Blue Marble is a US-based international non-profit that promotes cooperative exploration of space, examines life as a planetary process, and enables a sustainable future on Earth. Our mission is to cultivate scientific innovation and entrepreneurship by engaging with lifelong learners.

The Aerospace Physiology Laboratory conducts research related to human physiological responses and adaptations to terrestrial and space environments and to responses to gravitational stress before, during, and after exposure to weightlessness, hypoxia and exercise.

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